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10 Magical Christmas Markets in the Netherlands to Visit in 2022

Have you envisioned a white Christmas? If so, get ready to really immerse yourself in this warm atmosphere with events and Christmas markets in the Netherlands in 2022, such as Castle Christmas Fair, Ice Village Amsterdam,…

Christmas Town Valkenburg, from November 18 to January 8


This must be one of the most distinctive and well-known Dutch Christmas markets, held each winter in the Limburg town of Valkenburg. The Christmas Town is hosted in the well-known caverns of Valkenburg, so it would probably be best to avoid it if you don’t enjoy confined, dark areas. However, don’t assume that means the market is dark and dirty. The environment is transformed by the sparkling lights and enchanted décor, and because it’s indoors, you can spend the day there without worrying about the Dutch weather.

Castle Christmas Fair, November 17–November 20

Like the Dickens Festival, the Castle Christmas Fair provides its guests with something absolutely magical. The Beeckstijn country estate, which located outside of Haarlem, holds a variety of lavish events each year, including fashion shows, concerts, and adorable booths selling a variety of holiday and lifestyle goods.

Ice Village Amsterdam, December 14 – December 26


The renowned Christmas market, Ice Village, will be returning to the Dutch capital this winter in addition to the famed Ice Amsterdam skating rink, which has already made its way back to Museumplein. Before the big day, browse the many booths that will be present at this year’s event and fill up on delectable food and beverages. You can even pick up any last-minute gifts while you’re there!

Christmas Market Haarlem, December 9 – December 11

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this cherished Christmas tradition took a two-year break. The Christmas Market Haarlem, one of the biggest and liveliest available in the Netherlands, sees the city taken over by 300 vendors, intermingled with numerous heavenly choirs singing all your favorite Christmas carols.

Amsterdam Winter Paradise, December 15 – January 1


Amsterdam Winter Paradise, which is held annually at RAI Amsterdam and contains everything your Christmas-obsessed heart could desire, is another well-liked holiday event in the Dutch city. Imagine a Ferris wheel, a winter wonderland with loads of fake snow, a huge ice rink, and plenty of food and drink options!

Magical Maastricht, December 1 – December 30

One of the biggest and most impressive events on this list, Magical Maastricht has to be one of the most well-known Christmas markets in the Netherlands. Visit Maastricht in December to feel what it’s like to be completely enveloped in the holiday mood. What more could you want from an event that features a variety of market stalls, cozy chalets, a Ferris wheel, and a carousel?

Royal Christmas Fair, December 8 – December 23


The Royal Christmas Fair, which takes place each winter in The Hague, will add some elegance to your holiday celebrations. The festival takes over the city’s center and transforms it into a quaint and romantic market with over 100 stalls, a ton of authentic German cuisine, and plenty of family-friendly activities.

Winter Fair Ahoy, December 14 – December 18

Since the Winter Fair will only be open for a few days, the organizers will make every effort to create the most joyous atmosphere imaginable. The Winter Fair Ahoy, which is being held at Rotterdam’s Ahoy stadium as the name suggests, is the ideal place to have some Christmas fun or to stock up on lovely decorations for your home in preparation for the holidays.

Dickens Festival, December 10 – December 11

Looking for a holiday gift that is both traditional and kooky? Visit the Dickens Festival in Deventer after that (a city near Apeldoorn). You can feel as though you’ve traveled back in time and are able to experience Christmas as it would have been in 19th-century England during one weekend in December when the entire city is taken over by everything even remotely Dickensian. Along with the great concept, this event also includes all the traditional elements of a Christmas market; it just does so with a little more flair.

Archeon Midwinter Fair, December 10 – December 11

Another historical Christmas event, this one is a fantastic choice for anyone with kids! This year, the Midwinter Fair at the Archeon museum park celebrates all things seasonal under the theme of the Renaissance, going back to the beginning of our modern-day Christmas customs. Numerous activities, exhibitions, workshops, and other forms of entertainment are available for Christmas enthusiasts of all ages in addition to a few stalls.

Gouda by Candlelight, December 16

Not officially a Christmas market, but certainly a Christmassy way to spend an evening in December is Gouda by Candlelight. Gouda will be illuminated by hundreds of candles for one night (and one night only) as the city gets ready for the holidays. Although there won’t be much in the way of shopping, there will be food and drink stands, and you may go to a spectacular symphony in one of the city’s numerous churches.

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