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10 Fun Facts About Kangaroos That Will Surprise You

The adorable kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. Although you may be familiar with these hopping marsupials, we bet you were unaware of these fun facts about kangaroos and joeys.

Kangaroo Joeys Are Jellybean-Size


Kangaroo joeys, or newborns, are born weighing less than two grams (or an ounce). That is approximately jelly bean size! After birth, they ascend their mothers’ stomachs into a cozy pouch where they can continue to grow for another six months before emerging to meet the outside world.

They Are Unable To Move Backwards – Fun Facts About Kangaroos

The national animal of Australia are unable to walk or hop backward due to their long feet and bulky tail. This is one of the reasons the kangaroo, a symbol of a country that is constantly progressing, is depicted on the Australian Coat of Arms.

Kangaroo Species Are 60 In Number


Do you believe kangaroos are all alike? Think again. There are many different types of kangaroos and wallabies, from the red kangaroo, which stands two meters (six feet) tall, to the musky rat kangaroo, whose body is normally smaller than a rabbit. But one thing is certain: they are all utterly lovely.

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One Of Them Climbs Tree – Fun Facts About Kangaroos


Tree kangaroos spend their days in the rainforest canopy, as opposed to the majority of kangaroos, who keep their enormous feet on the ground. They have a long tail that makes it easier for them to leap from branch to branch and are uniquely designed for life among the treetops.

They Can Hop A Single Bound Of 8 Meters


Kangaroos can hop extraordinarily efficiently across great distances thanks to their powerful hind limbs. The only other big creatures that move by hopping are kangaroos. The largest kangaroos have a leap height of 8 meters (25 feet). To travel the same distance, you would need to take around 10 steps.

Kangaroos are most visible when they first awaken from sleep in the early morning and late afternoon.

Female Kangaroos Can Postpone Getting Pregnant


That’s right, a mechanism known as embryonic diapause allows female kangaroos to stop their joeys from growing. This enables her to give birth whenever the circumstances are ideal or to postpone childbirth until another joey has emerged from her pouch.

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They Use Their Tail As The Fifth Limb – Fun Facts About Kangaroos

Kangaroo tails are more than just an accessory. Kangaroos use them as a fifth limb when moving on four legs since they are so muscular. When they “box,” elevating both of their rear legs to kick their opponent, kangaroos may even carry the weight of their entire bodies on their tail.

Their Name Is Due To An Ancient Word

In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people place great cultural and spiritual value on kangaroos. The kangaroo is frequently seen in prehistoric rock paintings, which might be thousands of years old. The Guuga Yimithirr people of northern Queensland’s tropical region gave the eastern grey kangaroos the name “gangurru,” which is where the word “kangaroo” originates.

A Group Of “Roos” Can Be Describes As A Mob, Troop, Or Court

Because they are sociable animals, kangaroos live in gangs known as mobs, regiments, or courts. They can communicate with each other in a variety of ways, including by rubbing noses, pounding their hind legs, and snarling. Kangaroo mothers will even cluck or click to get their young to come back to them.

Joeys Will Dive Head First Into Their Mother’s Pouch If There Is Danger

Even though kangaroo joeys appear awkward, they are quite aware of the danger and know just where to run. Young joeys will somersault into their mother’s pouch to find safety, sometimes doing so quickly. They will flip back over with a few squirms.

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