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10 Facts About Australian Culture You Should Know

Australian culture, believe it or not, is nothing like the image generated by old Foster’s advertisements and corny 1980’s Hollywood blockbusters. Check out these 11 cultural characteristics to get a sense of real Australia.

Australians value equality.

Australians value the concept of a “fair go” — the conviction that everyone should be given an equal chance — which displays itself in widespread support for publicly funded education and healthcare systems. Australians take pleasure in their fundamental egalitarianism, having shaken off the pompous class system of their historic birthplace, Britain.

Australians are carefree.


Want to learn more about Australian irreverence? Begin with a joke from former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. Australia is a place where saying ‘G’day, buddy’ to your boss is acceptable; where swear words are tossed around the dinner table as generously as salt and pepper; and where we slam our politicians while laughing at ourselves. No, Australians aren’t good at the solemn reverence’ thing.

The tall poppy syndrome affects Australians.

The consequence of that irreverent, egalitarian mindset is an unsightly condition known as ‘tall poppy syndrome,’ in which people are mocked for their perceived money, success, or status. The love of an underdog in Australia results in this contempt for a tall poppy, who is inevitably cut down to size when they get too large for their boots.

Australia is home to the world’s oldest surviving civilization.

Australia’s First Peoples, the world’s oldest continually existent civilization, are one of the most important components of this multicultural milieu. Archaeological evidence indicates that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lived on the continent for 60,000 years. There are currently 650,000 Indigenous people in Australia, accounting for around 2.8% of the national population.

Australians eat their national emblem.


Because of its robust multiculturalism, Australia lacks a unified cuisine – lamb roast is as frequent as fettuccine, pho, or falafel. But there is one peculiar element of Australian cuisine: kangaroo frequently appears on the menu. Australia’s national icon is a common dish, in the shape of steak or sausages (known as ‘kanga bangers’) with 50 million roos bouncing across the country – double the population of humans. This is one of the most unique about Australian cultures facts.

Australia is a diverse country.


Because to the waves of migration that occurred following European conquest in the late 18th century, Australia does not have a single consistent national culture. Hundreds of Indigenous groups have joined the hundreds of British and Irish pioneers, European immigration after World War II, and rising Asian and African communities in recent decades. In fact, one-quarter of Australians were born abroad, and another quarter have at least one parent who was born abroad.

Australians enjoy a good drink.

According to the World Health Organization, Australia is the third booziest country outside of Europe (and 19th worldwide), consuming 12.2L of alcohol per capita per year. With a world of amazing vineyards strewn all over the countryside and a thriving beer sector blossoming in our towns, it’s no surprise that we enjoy a drink. Cheers with these special Australian culture facts.

Sport is a big deal in Australia.

Australians may not take themselves too seriously, but that is not the case in sports. From massive international events such as the Australian Open tennis tournament and the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne to local leagues such as the AFL and the NRL, as well as the beloved summer of cricket, to all the water sports that miles of golden coastline affords, Australia is a sports lover’s paradise.

Australians are both city dwellers and beachgoers.


Despite the stereotype of Crocodile Dundee prowling the Outback, Australia is one of the most urbanized countries on the planet. Around 85% of the 25 million people reside within 50 kilometers of the coast, with 10 million living in the two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. The pull of Australia’s 10,685 dazzling beaches is too much to resist.

Australians are patient.

Study after study has proved that Australia is one of the most open-minded countries on the planet, and this was put to the test last year with a postal survey on marriage equality. Despite months of vexing public debate, 62% of Australians voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, a resounding (and long overdue) triumph for a society so proud of its progressive principles.

There are some interesting facts about Australian culture. Do you add anything?

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