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10 Best Things To Do In Eindhoven: Technology City Of The Netherlands

The fifth-largest city in the Netherlands, Eindhoven, is located in the southern part of the nation next to the Dommel and Gender streams. However, after this destruction, Eindhoven became the Dutch center of industrial design and is currently a vibrant city with a huge range of tourist sites and museums. During World War II, substantial portions of the city were devastated. Here are the 10 best things to do in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven, Netherlands: The City Of Light


The town of Eindhoven has a long history that dates back to the 13th century when it was a little village with a wooden castle. Due to its fortifications and advantageous location, the town expanded and was strengthened throughout the 16th century when Spanish troops invaded and took control of it.

Because Philips was founded in Eindhoven and various projects involving the lighting up of public structures, the city is known as the City of Light. Besides, the city of Eindhoven is renowned for its innovative spirit, which is alive with the invention in design and technology. It is also renowned for being a contemporary, green city with a ton of parks and hotspots. Delivering a wonderful dining and shopping experience.

10 Best Things To Do In Eindhoven

Visit Van Abbemuseum


One of Europe’s best modern and contemporary art museums, the Van Abbemuseum houses a sizable collection of more than 2700 works of art. Near the major train station, in the Stratumseind neighborhood, you’ll find the museum.

The museum’s historic architecture is from the early 20th century, and Henri Van Abbe, a private collector, founded the collection. Around 700 paintings, 1,000 sculptures, and video pieces are included in the extraordinary collection. It also comprises works by Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinsky, and El Lissitzky.

Don’t skip Eindhoven Museum


This amazing museum is a great place to learn about living in the past. This museum is close to Genneper Park in the southern part of Eindhoven. The objective of this outdoor museum focuses on both the Iron and Middle Ages. It is to inform visitors about daily life in these eras.

The museum is quite interactive and features numerous recreations of historic structures, as well as performances of various tasks and daily routines. It is an excellent location for families, and kids will enjoy themselves here for hours while also learning a lot.

Stop at Evoluon Building


This enormous and extraordinary building, built by the electronics behemoth Philips, was formerly a science museum but today functions as a meeting center.

Besides, the structure’s incredible beauty and peculiar design have made it a popular tourist destination and a symbol of Eindhoven. The dome of the Evoluon building, which resembles a flying saucer, is 77 meters in diameter.

You can still take a tour of the impressive and futuristic interior of the structure, even though it is currently used as a conference center.

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Walk in Stadswandelpark, Eindhoven


One of the best parks in Eindhoven you cannot miss is Stadswandelpark. Stadswandelpark is very lovely, with a statue garden, beautifully kept grass, and a variety of calming walkways and trails to explore. There is a sizable lake nearby that you can view up close to various charming bridges in Stadswandelpark.

The exciting spacewalk app is a recent addition to Stadswandelpark. Install this app on your smartphone, then stroll in the park. You’ll be taken to outer space, where you’ll see planets, rockets, and astronauts!

Go to St. Catherine’s Church


This wonderful church has a recognizable front facade with a big circular stained glass window and twin bell towers. It is a lovely building.

The St. Catherine of Alexandria-dedicated church was first recorded in the early history of Eindhoven, which dates back to the 1200s. St. Catherine’s has a Neo-Gothic style that has evolved over time, and its twin towers are 73 meters tall.

The church suffered severe damage during World War II, but after repair work was done, it was designated a national monument in 1972. The church’s interior, which features large stone pillars and beautiful arches, is illuminated at night in a spectacular show of colors.

Visit the Village of Nuenen


This lovely, medieval village is well-known for housing Vincent Van Gogh and for hosting a fight during the pivotal Operation Market Garden in World War 2. Van Gogh painted numerous works from Nuenen, and some of them include intricate depictions of the town’s structures and surroundings.

Many of the buildings in Nuenen’s central park and the adjacent streets still have a traditional appearance and feel like they were constructed decades ago. Make sure to go to the Vincentre, which is filled with historical artifacts and famous painters’ creations.

Explore automotive history at DAF Museum


The Van Abbemuseum and the train station are both nearby the DAF Museum. This museum is situated in the heart of Eindhoven.

This fascinating DAF museum is a car enthusiast’s paradise. A staggering quantity of information regarding vehicles, trucks, and vehicle manufacturing history may be found in DAF Museum.

View vintage vehicles like the Jan de Rooy Juggernaught and the three-wheeled Mobile Raincoat, which could fit in a corridor. Besides, the displays of cars, trucks, fire trucks, and lorries are extremely well-kept and provide a fascinating look into the history of the automobile.

Visit The Philips stadium


The Philips stadium, the home of PSV Eindhoven, is regarded as a top-notch stadium because of its magnificent stands and architecture.

The stadium, which has been there for a while, was built in 1910 as a sports field for Philips employees. Since then, the stadium has been considerably expanded to accommodate PSV Eindhoven’s growth and development as well as the capacity crowds that frequently attend home games.

The stadium, one of the best in the nation, has hosted numerous national games as well as music performances in addition to housing the city’s top team.

There are tours of the stadium available, but it would be worth checking to see if there is a game going on when you are in Eindhoven so you can feel the energy of the passionate Dutch football scene.

Shopping at Het Veem Food Market


This neighborhood food market serves as a stunning display for chefs, cooks, and business owners passionate about the food business.

You can find a tempting selection of bread, cheeses, meats, veggies, coffee, wines, and much more at the market. The sellers have exquisitely designed stalls and shops with colorful displays and mouthwatering aromas and flavors. Food lovers will adore this cozy, evocative market since it truly is a feast for the senses.

Join the festival: Park Hilaria


Every year in August, Park Hilaria, a festival, brings mind-boggling throngs of over 500,000 people to Eindhoven. The festival Park Hilaria resembles a sizable playground and fairground with a fantastic selection of rides, rollercoasters, live performances, street entertainment, circus acts, game booths, and food kiosks.

Although admission to the park, which is nearly a kilometer long, is free, there is a price for each ride. Park Hilaria will give you endless hours of enjoyment, laughs, and memorable experiences for a fun-filled time.

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