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10 Amazing Facts About Kiwis Maybe You Don’t Know

Native to New Zealand, the kiwi is a small, endangered bird that serves as an unofficial emblem for the nation. In addition to being adorable, they also have a few extremely special qualities that make them really awesome. Here are 10 interesting facts about Kiwis that can make you suprised.

Kiwi Moms As Superman


The first fact about kiwis is their mom. In proportion to their body size, kiwi females have some of the largest eggs of any bird in the world. A kiwi egg weighs about 16 ounces and occupies about 20% of the female bird’s body. A human newborn only occupies roughly 5% of its mother’s body, to put things in perspective. Kiwi eggs have a higher amount of yolk as a result of their large size, which allows the kiwi infants to hatch fully feathered, healthy, and on the road to independence.

They Are Prepared To Move Steadily

The kiwi bird is one of the rare species that frequently pair up for life and has a propensity for monogamy. The males and females meet in their nesting burrows every three days during mating season and call out to each other at night. Over 20 years have been reported for Kiwi relationships.

They Have Astute Sniffers – Facts About Kiwis In New Zealand

For a bird, having a keen sense of smell is unusual, but kiwis have exceptionally developed olfactory senses. The only birds having nostrils at the tip of their beaks and sensory pits that enable them to detect subsurface prey are owls.

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Kiwis Have Poor Eyesight – Facts About Kiwis In New Zealand

Furry Kiwi Bird Gets a Closer Look 

They have the tiniest eyes among all bird species, which accounts for this. Even while the birds’ eyes have unique adaptations to fit their nocturnal lifestyle, they can only do so much. They simply can’t see too much because of their little eyes.

They Can Not Fly

The fact that Kiwis lack wingspan, as is well known, however, this isn’t the only reason they can’t fly. The majority of flightless birds were a quite safe foraging and building their nests on the ground before people arrived in New Zealand thousands of years ago since there were virtually no terrestrial predators affecting the kiwi population.

Their Hair Is Gorgeous

Kiwi feathers have changed over time to adapt to a more terrestrial existence and now resemble hair more than feathers. The small kiwis’ hair-like, bushy coats enable them to blend in with the brush, protecting them from aerial predators.

They Are Not Weaklings

Despite being nocturnal, kiwis are not timid. The birds have razor-sharp claws that can cause some harm, and they are fiercely territorial. One great spotted kiwi in North Westland by the name of Pete is famed for “catapulting in for a hit-and-run. He belts you in the thigh and then rushes off into the foliage,” according to kiwi researcher Dr. John McLennan.

They Are Tricky To Trick – Facts About Kiwis In New Zealand

Actually, Kiwis have very good memories and can recall unpleasant events for at least five years. Once the birds are tricked by recorded kiwi cries on tape, they may learn their lesson and tend to dispute the device and circle it cautiously to see if it really is a fellow kiwi.

Kiwis Mate For Life

The survivor of a mated couple won’t look for a replacement if one or both of the partners pass away. From June to March of the following year, there is a mating season. Every three days, the birds mate at night, and females can remain fertile for up to 20 years.

Female Kiwis Undergo Significant Stress After Mating

Kiwi eggs can make up as much as 20% of the mother’s bulk. This becomes the equivalent of having a 6-year-old child born in terms of people. Before the bird lays her eggs, during the final stages of pregnancy, it is particularly challenging. The mother is therefore unable to eat because the eggs are pressing so hard against her internal organs.

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