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Why Is Auckland Nicknamed The City Of Sails?

A small area of land surrounded by sea and islands was home to 1.6 million people. New Zealand’s largest and fastest-growing city is Auckland. It wouldn’t be accurate to describe it as multicultural. The world’s largest Polynesian population resides in Auckland. Also, Auckland Airport is the starting point for millions of visitors’ trips to New Zealand each year.


Auckland, the City of Sails, is a well-known nickname that derives from its spectacular location. With the Tasman Sea to the west and the Hauraki Gulf to the east enclosing it, Auckland is situated on a narrow land tongue in the middle of the Auckland region and has a lot of water access. The City is home to numerous sizable marinas and yacht harbors, as well as commercial and container ports. And the latter is accountable for the City of Sails portion of the name.


Throughout the city, marinas have more than 500,000 sailboats and yachts of all sizes moored and anchored. No matter which direction you are approaching Auckland, a marina with rows of yachts is visible somewhere. The city’s name is derived from this.

Auckland celebrates its anniversary with a weekend-long regatta in January. This weekend, tens of thousands of sailboats are cruising the harbor and waters near Auckland. A show you won’t want to miss and the ideal opportunity to discover for yourself why Auckland is known as the city of sails.

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