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Whistler, Canada, Ranked The Best Places To Go for Christmas 2022 by CNN

After years of halting Christmas travel, 2022 will witness a comeback to holiday vacations overseas, whether cold or sunny. With a plethora of alternatives once again on the table, CNN has compiled a list of the best holiday spots for Christmas 2022. Whistler, Canada, has beaten numerous competitors and established itself in this list with interesting activities, the Christmas market, and lights Christmas in whole town.

Whistler’s Christmas Holiday Season


Treat the family to a lovely white Christmas season this year. Whistler transforms into a winter wonderland over the holiday season. The village comes alive with carolers and a beautiful white winter covering of snow draped over Whistler and Blackcomb mountains during the holiday season, while an outstanding display of Christmas lights can be found at every corner of the village promenade, creating the ideal winter holiday retreat.

Whistler’s Best Christmas Activities

Every day, I ski and snowboard.


Whistler and Blackcomb are both open every day between Christmas and New Year’s.

The main reason most people visit Whistler in the winter is to ski! So skiing or snowboarding has to be the most popular winter activity in Whistler during Christmas.

While several popular holiday days are blacked out, if you live in British Columbia or Washington, sign up early for the kids ski free epic pass!



Everywhere there is a pile of snow, the youngsters will want to climb it! Bring a sled and your children will never be bored in Whistler during the winter!

Snow has been heaped up on the Olympic plaza (where the Olympic rings are) to create the ideal size sledding hill for all ages. The littles and bigs (as well as mums and dads) can join in the fun!

After hours, you can also climb up to the Blackcomb gondola in the higher village and slide down the ski hill there.

Vallea Lumina is a wonderland.


Legends tell of a long-forgotten trail that leads to a hidden valley. Join a twilight journey to discover its enigmatic beauty. TAG Whistler offers a variety of activities about 10 minutes north of Whistler village. Vallea Lumina is a music and light experience that transports you through the forest while telling you a narrative.

The winter experience is available from November to April and is much more kid-friendly than the summer experience due to earlier show schedules (since it gets dark much earlier in the winter months).

Christmas Dinner in Whistler

For many people, gathering with friends and family is a crucial aspect of the holiday season. Many Whistler restaurants provide special Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners, breakfasts, lunches, and catering choices, making Whistler feel like a home away from home.

Reservations should be made directly with the eateries. Consider dining in with meal delivery and catering alternatives as well. Because many Whistler hotels have condo-style rooms, it is simple to host or make dinner in your room.

Whistler Christmas Market


Whistler does not have a traditional Christmas market. However, there is no shortage of shopping opportunities for artisans in the Village. Whistler Village features many shopping opportunities, from clothing to winter gear to souvenirs. Numerous local craftspeople create lovely presents. Before you go, be sure to read our page about Whistler souvenirs!

People also ask about Whistler at Christmas time

Is it a good time to visit Whistler in December?

Whistler is best visited between June and August and between December and March. Peak skiing conditions are found in the Alps from December through February, with March bringing higher temperatures but still providing superb snow.

Does it snow in Whistler during the holidays?

Whistler weather in December will be far below freezing with periodic snowfall, but the sun will still shine, providing ideal skiing conditions on the spectacular mountain slopes.

When will I be able to see the Northern Lights in Whistler?

The ideal time to see the aurora is from late August to mid-April when the sky is at its darkest, but the lights are visible all year in Whistler.

Why is Whistler so well-known?

Whistler is well-known for its winter skiing and snowboarding, as well as its summer mountain biking and hiking. Cross-country skiing, skate skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, telemark skiing, and tobogganing are also popular winter activities in Whistler.

What kind of food is famous in Whistler?

Whistler’s Artic char fish is one of the most famous and sophisticated fish served in the region. This fantastic dish is typically served baked or grilled, with various veggies. Artic char is delicious in any form!

Is it possible to see grizzly bears in Whistler?

Black bears (ursus americanus) and grizzly bears are two of the bear species that live in the Whistler area (ursos arctos). Both black bears and grizzly bears, which can be hard to tell apart, can be found in Whistler.

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  1. We had an once in a lifetime opportunity to visit this heaven on earth, way back in 2015! We , from faraway India, would never have dreamt of going there! In Auugust, it was a lovely time. Sat in the cafes, had lovely beer, took a cycle and hit the cycling trail, enjoying every moment! Thank God for such a gift!


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