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The Most Charming Christmas in Quebec City

Quebec City Christmas Market is a must-visit during the Christmas season. Whether you’re a holiday shopper or someone looking for some cultural tourism, this winter wonderland is certain to impress with Christmas Village Quebec.

Overview of Quebec City at Christmas


The Canadian province of Quebec has a rich history and deep cultural roots. The people of Quebec are very passionate about their culture and traditions, so it is no surprise that the celebration of Christmas in this region has its own unique flare.

The Quebec City Christmas Festival began in 1997 with a handful of friends who wanted to celebrate Christmas by doing something out-of-the-ordinary, something that would be different from what was being done elsewhere.

Christmas is a festival which takes place annually in Quebec, Canada. The festival is celebrated on the 3rd weekend of December. The festival includes a variety of activities such as skating and snow-shoeing in the winter, and cycling and hiking in the summer.

During the holiday season, people in Quebec City celebrate by lighting up their homes with Christmas lights, decorating trees and sending out cards to friends and family. There are also many public events where people can come together for some fun in the Christmas Village Quebec!

Things to do in Quebec City Christmas 2022

The Christmas season in Quebec City
The Christmas season in Quebec City

Quebec City in Christmas 2022 is going to be a blast. The city will light up with festive lights, and there will be many attractions for people of all ages.

The Christmas season in Quebec City is an unforgettable experience, with its festive lights and atmosphere. 

We recommend trying these experience during your stay:

Place D’Youville

A public garden with plenty of Christmas decorations and activities for kids.

Place D'Youville-Quebec
Place D’Youville-Quebec

The Basilica of Notre Dame de Quebec

An old cathedral that will take you back in time and make you feel like you’re walking through history.

The Basilica of Notre Dame de Quebec
The Basilica of Notre Dame de Quebec

Le Marché du Vieux Québec

An open air market where you can buy local products and souvenirs.

Le Marché du Vieux Québec
Le Marché du Vieux Québec

Quebecois food

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and food!

The most popular dish in Québec City is poutine, which originated in the province of Québec and consists of French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy.


The second dish that comes to mind is tourtière. It is a meat pie with a crust making of flour and lard or butter. The filling can vary but usually it has ground pork and beef, potatoes, onions, salt, pepper and thyme.

It’s on Christmas Eve with mashed potatoes or peas.


Another dish that people eat during the holidays is cretons are cubes of pork belly in fat or butter until they become crispy. They’re often eat with cornichons and mustard on top.


Quebecois drink

Quebec City is a city that celebrates Christmas with gusto. The city is awash in lights and decorations, with the whole downtown area decorated in red and green.

The most popular drink to have during the Christmas season is a hot chocolate, which can be found on nearly every street corner.

hot chocolate-christmas-quebec-drink

Another drink is an old tradition of Quebec. The drink is made from a mix of red wine and fruit.

It is a tradition that has been around since the 1800s when the first settlers arrived in Quebec.

The drink was invented by the French settlers who were looking for ways to make the Christmas season more enjoyable.

The Christmas Village


The Christmas Village is a winter-themed market where you can find anything related to the holiday season. There are rides, food, games, and more. The market also features live performances and events such as the Santa Claus parade and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Quebec City Christmas Market


Every year, the Quebec City Christmas Market transforms the city into a winter wonderland. From the moment you step into the market, you’ll be immersed in the festive atmosphere. The market is full of charming stalls selling handmade gifts, delicious food, and festive decorations. You can also enjoy live music, performances, and other entertainment.

Quebec City Christmas Market is a must-visit during the Christmas season. It is a magical place to enjoy the holiday spirit, with its stunning lights, decorations and activities. The market features over 200 vendors selling everything from gifts to delicious food.

Whether you’re looking for holiday cheer or a unique gift, the Quebec City Christmas Market is sure to have something for you.

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