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Slang For Hawaiian – The Better You Know, The Easier Your Trip Will Be

Slang for Hawaiian – the better you know, the easier your trip will be, we ensure! So, let’s learn some Hawaiian slang today! For example, what is the meaning of “mahalo”, how to say good morning in Hawaiian, how to pronounce goodbye in Hawaiian, etc. And last but not least, how to say I love you in Hawaiian!

Surprised Facts About Slang For Hawaiian


The Real Meaning Of Aloha

We all know that “aloha” means “hello” and “goodbye”. But the real meaning of this Hawaiian word is deeper than just that. Initially, “aloha” indicates peace, love, and compassion. 

For instance, Hawaiian people always do things from living and working to playing “with aloha”. Doing things with “Aloha” indicates doing it entirely with your heart and soul.

The Pidgin Dialect

Though English and Hawaiian are both authorized languages in Hawaii, the natives favor a third choice, the Pidgin dialect. Just like English or Americans, the Hawaiians use the Pidgin dialect on a daily basis.

Hawaiian Slang And Common Phrases


Mahalo Meaning

Mahalo means “thank you” when you translate it into English. It’s everywhere on the islands, especially on trash can doors. As a result, tourists may think it indicates “garbage”.

So, you’re clear about the mahalo meaning, right? Now we will show you how to reply to it!

If the Hawaiians say “Mahalo” to you, this is how you respond to them: ‘A’ ole Palikir. It means “No problem” or “You’re welcome”.

Good Morning In Hawaiian – Slang For Hawaiian

The Hawaiians use the phrase “Aloha kakahiaka” to say “good morning”. Then, let’s say “Aloha ‘auinalā” for “Good afternoon”, and “Aloha ahiahi” for “Good evening”.

Goodbye In Hawaiian

As we mentioned above, Hawaiian use the word “Aloha” to indicate both “Hello” and “Goodbye”.

However, there is also a phrase that expresses the Hawaiian farewell. It’s “A hui hou”. In a word, this phrase means something like “Until we meet again”.

The way to pronounce “A hui hou” is “ah-hoo-wee ho”.

I Love You In Hawaiian – Slang For Hawaiian

We have numerous ways to say “I love you,” in English. Here is the most familiar phrase to declare “I love you in Hawaiian”: “Aloha au iā ‘oe”.

And as “Aloha” means a lot more than just “Hello” or “Goodbye”, you can also say “Aloha” to the one you love.

Other ways to express this sentimental phrase are “La iho ke aloha” means “To my love”, “Ko`u aloha” which means “My love”, “Kipona aloha” – Deep love, etc.

Common Hawaiian Slangs

“Kapu” is pronounced familiar as “Kah-poo” in English. It means taboo or something is forbidden. If you notice signage that states “Kapu”, it’s telling you to “Keep Out!”

Shaka (sha-kah) is a type of hand gesture in Hawaii. It could be a greeting, a goodbye, an agreement, or approval.

“Hana Hou” means “Once more, again.”

“Lu’au” is the must-go place when you’re here. It is a party or feast.

“Grind”, we hope you will be doing a lot of this ‘cause it means to eat. It can indicate a compliment for good food as well.

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