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4 Ontario Locations Were Among Canada’s Best Springtime Destinations

There are some stunning locations to visit throughout the province now that spring has sprung. It’s time to start planning your trips after four locations in Ontario were named the greatest spring getaways in Canada.

The hotel chain Premier Inn published a study on where to go in the world and in Canada to see the best springtime scenery. The business looked at more than 34,000 Tripadvisor reviews for 295 well-known tourist spots using the phrase “spring.”

The top 10 locations in Canada for spring included four Ontario locations. High Park in Toronto was ranked fourth, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington was eighth, Point Pelee National Park was ninth, and Toronto’s Edwards Gardens were ranked tenth.


High Park’s breathtaking cherry blossom show draws sizable crowds every spring. Normally, the flowers bloom from late April until early May.


There are acres of gorgeous blooms to discover at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Also, it has a Lilac Dell where you may take in the delightful scent of spring.


Sand beaches and breathtaking nature paths may be found in Point Pelee National Park, which is situated at the southernmost point of the Canadian mainland. The park’s spring and fall bird migration is well-known.


Another springtime destination in Toronto is Edwards Gardens. It is a beautiful area to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with wildflowers, roses, and more.

The Butchart Gardens in Central Saanich, Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and Montreal’s Botanical Garden tied for third place among Canada’s finest springtime attractions.

If you’re planning a springtime vacation, you might want to consider traveling to Central Park in New York City, which won the award for finest spring destination in the world.

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