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New Zealand Traditional Christmas Food You Must Try

Everything about New Zealand traditional Christmas food, the best places in New Zealand for Christmas, and even questions about Santa Claus are here!

Everything About Christmas In New Zealand

In fact, in New Zealand, the Christmas season is also the summer holiday. And just like its neighbor, Australia, New Zealanders always go big when it comes to Christmas.

Here is basic information about the Christmas history in this country.


This Christian festival was first introduced to New Zealand by preachers in the early 19th century. 

In the middle of the 19th century, there were differences between sectarian grounds in holding the Christmas holiday. English and Irish settlers had their own Christmas traditions. Meanwhile, Christmas wasn’t quite welcome among Scottish settlers.

In the late 19th century, the Presbyterians started to embrace the Christmas season. When sectarianism between the ethnic communities declined, this holiday got observed by New Zealanders.

New Zealand Santa Claus


Does New Zealand have Santa Claus? Yes, it does! There is even a Santa parade in this country.

Back in the old time, Santa Claus made his first commercial debut in New Zealand in 1894. He took his place completely with toys and trees. Then, he appeared in Dunedin and DIC in 1902. He then came to Auckland at the DSC store in 1903.

Highlights About Christmas Season In New Zealand

Of course, there will be New Zealand traditional Christmas food. Food is required for any special event and holiday. But there are also notable features. Let’s see what they are in New Zealand.

  • Kiwis love to spend time on the beach. The most popular activity is camping or residing at their holiday homes (their bach)
  • There will be a Santa parade in almost every town. The parade can be any time starting from mid-November
  • New Zealand kids will buy carrots and leave them outside so that Santa’s reindeer have something to eat
  • There will be countless light exhibitions in downtowns such as Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. Also, you’ll receive carol services across the nation, even in rural areas or small villages
  • NZ has its own unique Christmas tree, which is the Pohutukawa
  • And if you’re looking for a present for your NZ friend, a “jandal” is certainly a perfect choice

New Zealand Traditional Christmas Food

No matter what, New Zealand traditional Christmas food is always a highlight. 

Special dish for Christmas Day includes roasted vegetables, trimmings, and certainly, roasted turkey or ham. Other popular dishes are picnics and barbecues at the beach or bach.


Sausages and burgers can also be a staple ‘barbie’ offering. However, venison and salmon are the real must-try treats. It would be best when eating with chilled food and salads. 

And when speaking of New Zealand traditional Christmas food, never forget fruit cakes. Mince pies and pudding are still eagerly devoured by New Zealanders these days. That’s for dinner time. About lunch, they will eat pavlova for dessert. This is a delicious combination of fresh fruit, whipped cream, and meringue.


Best Places In New Zealand For Christmas

Since we’ve come through New Zealand traditional Christmas food, which means we’re full, now, let’s discover the best places in New Zealand for Christmas.

Dunedin – New Zealand Traditional Christmas Food

During the holiday season, you can see light attractions, try foods at markets, and join the best Santa parades. 

Moreover, St Clair beach here is an awesome place. It offers interesting activities such as surfing or swimming in hot water pools. Let’s enjoy the holiday with the friendly seals in Dunedin.



Queenstown offers both a thrilling and relaxing vacation. But when the topic is about the best places in New Zealand for Christmas, we recommend activities with a gentle pace.

Does a dinner by the lake while admiring the warm Christmas atmosphere sound great? Then, let’s book in advance a restaurant or a bar. You’ll find an extra luxe experience here.

Rotorua – New Zealand Traditional Christmas Food

As this is an important occasion, Rotorua residents take it very seriously. From the Santa parade to impressive light shows, night markets, etc. You will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Waiheke Island


This is an escape if you want to avoid the crowd. It’s really serene to stay among the vines on an exotic island. Just imagine a romantic dinner with your lover while overlooking the Hauraki Gulf. Isn’t great enough? Oh, we forgot, the glamorous and warm Christmas lights will make the atmosphere even better!

Wellington – New Zealand Traditional Christmas Food

Isn’t it the best time of the year? Isn’t it the best time to treat yourself well since you’ve done a great job throughout the year? First, let’s have New Zealand traditional Christmas food. Then, head to a fancy hotel to experience world-class service. ‘Cause, we know you deserve it!

Luckily, Wellington, the capital of the country has this special offer any time you need. Just a call and you’ll be treated like a queen.

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