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Incredible Moment! Zebra Bites Crocodile’s Throat In Self-Defense In Kenya

Here, a zebra turns the tables on a crocodile that had been waiting to ambush a herd of animals crossing a Kenyan river by biting into the reptile’s throat.

Amazingly, the zebra was able to escape the jaws of the vicious snake by effectively defending itself.

As the herd of zebras passed through, several crocodiles were seen lying in wait in the water in one picture. In another, the crocodile was seen leaping out of the water to get the zebra. The series’ most shocking scene, though, is a zebra biting a crocodile in the throat before the predator retreated in agony, allowing the prey to escape into the Maasai Mara’s Mara River and safety on dry land.

However, some of the herd’s other members were less fortunate, as evidenced by photographs that show some of the animals’ black and white stripes dissipating into the river amid a writhing of water, scales, and fangs.

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Nairobi, Kenyan photographer Robert Ndawuasa Sayialel, 39, captured the breathtaking images of the unique moment. Only 60 feet separated him from the terrifying, life-or-death conflict.


Robert said, “This is certainly one of the greatest wildlife pictures I’ve ever taken. It was epic, and I felt blessed to watch it. This zebra did not go down without a fight, as it tried to battle the crocodile in every way necessary.”

“It managed to deliver an effective bite to the attacker before the crocodile withdrew by pushing it with its head.”

“It was thrilling to be in the front seat of such a spectacle of the natural wild filled with conflicting sensations truly observing it all occurring right before my eyes,” the speaker said.


Robert explained how he captured the incredible moment. He recalled seeing a gathering of zebras on the banks of the opposite side of the river as he was driving down it.

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“It takes patience and a lot of waiting to see and photograph animals traversing this crocodile-infested river. I saw the zebras as they warily approached the river’s bank, obviously aware that there were crocodiles nearby.”

“They immediately ran back to safety after a small splash in the water. One brave zebra need only make the first move before the impulse to cross the others, who will soon follow.”


“The crocodiles were waiting for this—a disturbance in the water. Suddenly, a dozen of them moved toward the zebras who were crossing the river.”

“Some of them kicked and leaped to get away from the crocodiles’ broad, gaping lips as they attempted to snag one of them.”

“Zebras are renowned for their vicious back kicks and biting. Almost everyone who views this series of images is in awe of the zebras’ determination to survive and fight using any means necessary.”

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