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Christmas In Amsterdam: 9 Things To Do To Have A Wonderful Winter

There are several events taking place in Amsterdam in December if you’re wondering what to do there. There are many locations to explore in Amsterdam in December, ranging from the numerous museums to the traditional, homey “brown bars.” There are a variety of enjoyable activities when the complete calendar of Amsterdam Christmas events is coming.

Christmas Climate In Amsterdam


The weather in Amsterdam over the holidays can change a lot from day to day and sometimes hour to hour. Wintertime temperatures are often chilly, frequently falling below freezing at night but rising up a little during the day.

The canals of Amsterdam sometimes freeze during the winter, and when the ice is thick enough, daring locals will even go ice skating in the canals of Amsterdam Central. Wintertime precipitation is frequent but rarely substantial, and it can be either snow or rain, depending on the temperature.

The weather in Amsterdam over the holidays was typically pleasant, with temperatures in the mid-forties. There were some days with overcast skies and brief downpours, but not enough to ruin our trip. When visiting Amsterdam in the winter, you should be ready for any weather conditions.

Bringing a foldable raincoat, a travel umbrella, as well as hats, gloves, and scarves, is always a smart idea.

Best Things To Do in Amsterdam Over Christmas Time

Visit the Christmas Markets in Amsterdam


Of course, visiting the Christmas Markets is among the top things to do in Amsterdam in December. The Christmas Markets in Amsterdam is a must-see since they feature mulled wine, ice skating rinks, and famous scenery. Later in the post, we go into more depth on Amsterdam’s best Christmas markets.

Amsterdam Light Festival


The annual Festival of Lights is among Amsterdam’s greatest December celebrations. The canals are lined with illuminated artworks that can be viewed by boat or on foot. The festival’s topic changes every year and includes artists from all over the world compete.

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Examine the neighborhoods of Amsterdam

The areas that have been adorned for the holidays are among the nicest sights to see in Amsterdam in December. The rich Jordaan neighborhood and the trendy De Pijp district are two of our favorite areas to visit in the winter. Of course, Amsterdam Centrum has lovely decorations as well. Visitors can utilize our detailed Amsterdam Walking Tour to explore the city’s top attractions on foot.

Visit the museums in Amsterdam


A great winter activity is visiting a museum, and Amsterdam has an incredible 75 museums to keep tourists entertained. The Willet-Holthuysen Museum, a historic canal house that has been festively adorned, is one of our favorite museums to visit in December.

Pro Tip: Tourists who are interested in visiting the city’s museums might think about getting an I Amsterdam City Card, which can help you save money on admission to museums and other attractions in Amsterdam.

Go Christmas shopping

One of the attractions for many visitors to Amsterdam over the December vacation is shopping. Brand-name retailers and specialty shops can be found all around the city, and the Christmas markets in Amsterdam are a great location to get unusual presents.

The renowned shopping district of Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam runs north from Dam Square to Central Station. The Nine Streets neighborhood in the city’s center, however, is where you’ll find the most atmospheric stores (or Negen Straatjes).

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Comfortable Pubs in Amsterdam


The traditional pubs in Amsterdam are enjoyable to visit any time of year, but in December, they are much more so. An enjoyable beer in an Amsterdam brown pub is the ideal way to cap off a day of sightseeing because they are warm and friendly. The establishments in Amsterdam that specialize in locally brewed beer, in our opinion, are the best.

However, for a garish Christmas Amsterdam experience, visit the Miracle Bar pop-up at Boom Chicago. The energetic Christmas bar promises festive cocktails, ugly sweaters, and garish decor in keeping with a New York City tradition.

Go to Christmas Concert in Amsterdam


In Amsterdam, there are a number of concerts in December that help spread the holiday cheer. Organ recitals in historic cathedrals and Christmas carols on the streets of Amsterdam are just a few examples of concerts. While some concerts are free, others need tickets.

Enjoy Dutch Christmas Dinner in Amsterdam


A home-cooked meal is typically the highlight of Christmas night. The Dutch have a thick pea soup called Erwtensoep or Snert, roasted vegetables including brussel sprouts and potatoes, and a major beef dish for their traditional Christmas dinner (often game meat such as rabbit, venison, or duck).

Gourmetten, on the other hand, is a relatively new tradition for Christmas Day dinner in Amsterdam, where guests prepare their own dinners of bite-sized meats and vegetables in little skillets over a tiny tabletop oven. Ask your Airbnb host whether they have an extra Gourmetten set for this Amsterdam Christmas custom; otherwise, you may get ready-made toppings from the neighborhood grocery shop.

Never fret if you lack access to a kitchen or Gourmetten set! A few eateries are open on Christmas Day in Amsterdam. But booking in advance is recommended!

Ice Skate in Amsterdam canals


The Dutch are starting to daydream about going ice skating outside as the weather turns colder. You might find it hard to believe, but many actually like ice skating on the canals of Amsterdam. And for a less dull winter in Amsterdam, Schaatsen Museumplein is the ideal substitute if the canals around here aren’t frozen enough to slide on.

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Additional Activities in the Netherlands in December

There are other Dutch winter vacation spots than Amsterdam! There are numerous activities to do in the Netherlands in December, including going to the Dickens Festival in Deventer, seeing the largest Christmas market in the country in Dordrecht, going shopping in Nijmegen, and looking for snow-covered windmills.

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