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Chihuahua Makes Hilarious Expressions While Being Shot At The Vet

This is the hilarious moment a pet chihuahua pulled his face into a grimace while getting his rabies vaccination at the vets – because he was terrified of needles.

Owner Nonlada Baekaew took her five-year-old chihuahua, Mon, to the veterinary clinic in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday, November 1.

The pooch was there to be vaccinated against rabies, a common shot for dogs to protect them against the deadly virus, which can also prove fatal for humans.

Nonlada captured the moment on video as Mon was handed over to staff and held in the nurse’s arms behind a curtain.

He initially looking calm, licking his lips unaware of what was to come, but as soon as he realised what was happening, his expression changed.

As the vet approached with the needle his face froze in fear and he widened his eyes and appeared to snarl.

The vet administered the rabies shot as Mon made the strange face with his lips pulled back, sending his owner into fits of laughter on the other end of the camera. 

Nonlada said: ‘I couldn’t stop laughing while watching him from outside. I think Mon is afraid of needles, that’s why he was making that face.’

Despite his fear of needles, Mon made a full recovery after his trip to the vets. 

Dogs are the main carrier of rabies in Thailand, followed by cows and cats and the World Health Organisation say vaccinating dogs is the most effective means of preventing rabies in humans. 

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