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Best Alberta Attractions You Must Never Skip In Any Season

Containing plenty of the best places to see (to visit) in its neighborhood, such as national parks, stunning lakes, and ski resorts, Alberta, Canada has always been one of the hot tourist attractions.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Alberta?

In fact, it’s unpredictable when it comes to the weather in the mountain. The most suggested time is between December and March, and from June to August. But as we said, it’s not quite so exact.


As a result, we’ll inform you of the overall features of each season so that you can make your own decision on when and suitable places to visit (to see) in Alberta according to your plan.

  • December to March: temperatures will drop to zero at night. Trekking is not available since the track can be entirely blocked by snow.
  • April to May: warm weather accompanied by sudden blizzards.
  • June to August: presents the warmest weather all year round. Hence, this time of year will draw the most crowds.
  • September to November: gets cold in the blink of an eye once October comes.

Travel Tips To Alberta You Must Know Before Going


There are plenty of tips which is good to know before officially embarking on your trip, including things to pack, wildlife safety, etc.

What to pack?

  • In any season, wear layers since the weather in Alberta can change unexpectedly
  • Must-prepare items are hats, mittens, scarves, boots, and warm jackets

Safety tips:

  • Never try to get close to, disturb, or feed any wild creature
  • When in places to visit (to see) in Alberta, such as national parks, maintain a safe distance of at least 100 m at all times
  • Most wild animals will bypass you if they’re aware that you’re coming, so make loud noises when trekking
  • When seeing animals along roads, stay calm and sit there in your vehicle

Must-Visit Alberta Attractions



Canmore is a vibrant attractions village that lies outside the entrance to Banff National Park, Alberta. This neighborhood is perfect for those looking for a mountain lifestyle. Why? It’s because there are plenty of mountain hiking and biking tracks and also the best ski resort in Alberta.

For tourists, one of the must-try things is taking the Canmore Cave Tours. These 4.5-hour tours will take you to one of Canada’s longest caves, the Rats Nest.

Otherwise, merely base yourself on the town as it offers a calm and serene atmosphere.

West Edmonton Mall – Alberta Attractions


During winter, West Edmonton Mall is where the local families shop and enjoy indoor fun without worrying about catching a cold.

As we describe, you’re probably aware that this place is more than a mall, right? It’s a massive complex home to an aquarium, the Ice Palace, the World Waterpark, movie theaters, electric go-kart racing, etc. The mall has all types of amusement you could imagine.

So, it would be great to visit it!

Calgary Stampede


The highlight of Calgary Stampede is the city’s ten-day event, starting in early July every year. Join the feast and see how Calgary is proud of its cowboy roots. This is one of the best place to visit in Alberta.

This site is also the center of attention for Wild West buffs, with country music, cultural displays, etc.

Sunshine Village Ski Resort – Alberta Attractions


Situated outside Banff town, this is one of the most favored ski resorts in the winter. And in the summer, the whole neighborhood becomes a scenic hike.

Back to the thing that makes it famous, Sunshine Village Ski Resort presents a combination of medium and advanced runs, which is suitable for skiers of all levels.

Jasper National Park


Speaking of Canada, it would be a mistake not to mention lakes and national parks. This Jasper park with 10,878 square kilometers is the biggest national park in Canada, containing forests, glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, and lakes.

Jasper national park is less visited than Banff. But it’s still Alberta’s top attraction. Therefore, it has a remote feeling, especially during the wintertime when facilities in the region are shut. 

Some highlights are Maligne Lake, Maligne Canyon, Angel Glacier, and Mount Edith Cavell.

Icefields Parkway And The Columbia Icefield


The 230-kilometer Icefields Parkway stretches from Lake Louise to Jasper, featuring waterfalls, glaciers, and mountains along the side. Visitors often stop at stopping points to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. 

Here we are the main part, the Icefields Centre. This attraction sits alongside the Icefields Parkway. The centre has fantastic exhibits at the Columbia Icefields and offers a stunning look over the Athabasca Glacier. These are the most famous places to see in Alberta.

Other interesting things to experience are:

  • Walk up or take outfitted buses to get to the toe of the glacier
  • Observe the valley below your feet through the transparent Glacier Skywalk
  • Camp in the campgrounds along the Icefields highway
  • Enjoy the peaceful pace of life in the Lake Louise neighborhood

Lake Louise


Lake Louise, the treasure of Banff National Park, is well-known for its gorgeous turquoise-colored water that mirrors the peaks and Victoria Glacier. The lake is easily accessible since it’s just a short drive from Calgary.

There are two main views to observe the lake:

  • From the path alongside the lake, where you can also take a hike to go up the mountain
  • From the grand Fairmont Chateau, which offers a lovely view while strolling to enjoy the atmosphere.

Canoe rentals are always available for paddling out on the lake.

The wintertime, when the lake is frozen and snow covers all the tracks, is also the peak tourist season. People will come to enjoy the cold air yet stunning sights and skiing at Lake Louise Ski Resort.

Lake Moraine


After Lake Louise, a magnificent 13-kilometer-long, winding mountain road leads to Moraine Lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. A similar stunning setting to Lake Louise, featuring a blue lake and snow-capped mountains. One of the most popular photographic locations in Canada, it was for many years the setting for the picture on the back of the old $20 Canadian bill. This lake is absolutely beautiful in Alberta Attractions.

Moraine Lake is encircled by eight peaks that rise more than 3,000 meters above sea level and contain the Wenkchemna Glacier. A viewpoint with a beautiful view of the lake can be reached by going up the Rockpile Trail, located near the parking lot. The thunder of falling glaciers or landslides can be heard in the distance in the spring.

Waterton Lakes National Park


The Rocky Mountains’ Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park divides Montana and Alberta in the United States. On the Canadian side of the border sits Waterton Lakes National Park, while on the American side is Glacier National Park – places to see in Alberta.

Waterton Lakes is the smaller of the two parks, but it has some spectacular scenery, including mountains and Waterton Lake. The Prince of Wales Hotel, a National Historic Site of Canada, overlooks the lake from a prime location on the north side. The town site with tourism amenities is nearby. Many visitors visit the area to climb the alpine trails, camp, or go sightseeing.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology and Drumheller

Drumheller, located around 140 kilometers northeast of Calgary, proudly proclaims itself the “Town of the Dinosaurs.” Various dinosaur species lived in this area 75 million years ago, and many remains have been discovered in and around Drumheller. The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology shows some of the discoveries and provides an in-depth look at the area’s past.

The badlands dominate the terrain surrounding Drumheller. Hiking trails pass through hoodoos and through unusual rock formations. The “Dinosaur Trail” is a driving trip that takes you past some of the area’s most popular sites.

Kananaskis Country


Kananaskis Country is a picturesque location around 80 kilometers west of Calgary. This is a popular summer hiking destination, with paths leading to peaks, meadows, and lakes. Kananaskis Village offers resort amenities as well as a popular golf course.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is one of Kananaskis’ key draws, especially for individuals who prefer to spend time in nature. The park is located in the center of the Kananaskis area, which is home to elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, grizzly bears, and black bears.

The park has a total area of 508 square kilometers, making it Alberta’s largest provincial park. In the summer, locals and visitors are drawn here by the spectacular mountain scenery, which is crossed by several trails and sprinkled with alpine lakes – the best best places to visit in Alberta.

The Calgary Tower


The Calgary Tower is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, Alberta. The tower, which dominates the city skyline, has the world’s highest 360-degree observation deck. On clear days, there are spectacular vistas of the mountains, and the glass floor provides a direct view of the city. The Calgary Tower will ignite its giant torch, positioned at the very top, depending on the event or celebration.

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