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An Extremely Rare Albino Zebra Is Spotted In Tanzania

This is the incredible sighting of an exceptionally uncommon albino zebra in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

The animal, which park wardens have named Ndasiata, is visible without any of the typical black markings that make zebras so recognizable.

Instead, it has mostly white fur, with just a few barely perceptible black stripes on its neck, head, and torso. The magnificent animal, which has been spotted in the eastern region of the national park with a herd of zebra, is believed to be eight months old.

Excited rangers uploaded images and footage of the animal on the Serengeti National Park’s Instagram page.


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Melanin, a pigment that imparts color to the skin, eyes, scales, and hair, is not produced by cells in individuals with albinism.

This might be an issue since, according to scientists, zebras’ stripes assist in hiding them from predators, which could put Ndasiata at a disadvantage. However, in the picturesque setting of the park, it appears to be surviving rather well thus far.


Though reptiles, amphibians, and lesser vertebrates can also be albinos, they have different pigment cells in their bodies, so they may not seem white. Almost all mammals can be born without pigment.

An incredibly uncommon albino squirrel was spotted playing in a south London park last year and amazed onlookers. Meanwhile, in Uganda in July 2018, an albino chimpanzee was discovered for the first time in the wild. Tragically, the little animal, who had only been alive for 19 days, was attacked by its group and mercilessly slain.

The infant chimpanzee was killed as a result of the horrible attack by many adults, which researchers believe was motivated in part by the color of its fur.

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