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5 Amazing Nature Reserves in The Netherlands To Take in The Views

Give us your hand so we can drag you into the stunning Dutch nature areas. If the weather allows, we advise you to travel to one of these picturesque locales, which may or may not be close to your part of the woods, to rewarm your bones after a hard winter.

1. Schoorl Dunes, Noord-Holland


The Schoorl Dunes near Alkmaar is not to be missed because of their lush pines. These dunes are the highest and broadest in the Netherlands, making them a hiking and climbing enthusiast’s paradise.

With its high peaks of sand and the sea nearby, there are lots to explore at any time of the year, even if climbing or cycling isn’t really your thing.

2. Landscheidings Route, Aalsmeer


Along with passing through the little village of Uithoorn and along the grass-covered Westeinderplassen dykes, this nine-kilometer route in the town of Aalsmeer also passes via Uithoorn. Between Amstelland and Rijnland is a historical location with water that is hundreds of years old.

This one is unquestionably for you if you’re interested in taking in some panoramic views of the city. If you can, take pictures of the polders and lakes unless you’re mesmerized by their beauty and forget to do so.

If at all feasible, we advise you to walk the Amb8route, where you can pause to visit different artisan stores along the way and even attend workshops.

3. Dark Dunes National Park, Den Helder


The Dark Dunes (Donkere Duinen), the sole walking forest in Den Helder, is a planted pine forest positioned to make the most of the topography and provide nesting grounds for wildlife, numerous migrating species, and the endangered Wheatear.

You can travel in a few different ways: on a bike, on foot, or on a horse. Just make careful to stick to the approved routes to avoid disrupting the park’s grazing wild horses or the neighboring bird nesting grounds.

If you’re considering taking a staycation this year, this location might be ideal for you since it also has a campground. There are many other options if that one isn’t your cup of tea.

4. Dijkgatbos, Den Oever


This has rapidly ascended to the top of my list of favorite locations for a stroll and some exercise because it truly offers everything for everyone.

While taking in the splendor of the outdoors, you can bring your mountain bikes along and ride the dirt trails, load up your “trusted steed” in their horsebox, and choose from a calm hack, a massive gallop, or even practice for the upcoming showjumping and eventing seasons.

Or, if all you want is a quick, peaceful stroll, choose one of the routes that are 2, 4, or 8 kilometers long. You can even choose to laze around in the quaint, small meadows (more accurately, grasslands) nearby if you want.

5. Rengerspark Park, Leeuwarden


You’ll adore this location, which is close to Leeuwarden and is about an hour’s drive from Hoorn and 1.5 hours from Amsterdam. There are a few parks in the vicinity, but the Rengerspark is the one that welcomes dogs the most. Also, it is a park without children. Therefore it isn’t very crowded.

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