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9 Fun Things To Do In Mississauga This Weekend You Shouldn’t Miss

Mississauga punches considerably above its weight when it comes to tourism attractions, despite being on the smaller side. You’re sure to find plenty to keep you entertained here, whether you’re looking for entertaining activities, fascinating local history, or delectable culinary treats. There are fun things to do in Mississauga this weekend, from exploring Downtown Mississauga to hiking at Riverwood Conservancy and more.

Where Is Mississauga?


West of Toronto and in the Regional Municipality of Peel, Mississauga is situated along the shore of Lake Ontario. Mississauga, whose name derives from the Anishinaabe term Misi-zaagiing, which means “Great River-mouth,” is located within the watersheds of the Credit and Humber rivers, both of which feed into Lake Ontario. A 30-minute drive from Toronto will get you to Mississauga, or you may fly into the Lester B. Pearson International Airport.

Mississauga Weather

This city has what is regarded as a temperate climate. High humidity and hot summer. Despite being +27°C on average each day in July and August, it can get as high as +32°C. The typical temperature in January and February is -6°C. In comparison to the rest of Canada and Ontario, Mississauga gets comparatively little snow during the season.

9 Fun Things To Do In Mississauga This Weekend

See Street Art and Public Art: Best fun things to do in Mississauga this weekend


In Mississauga, there are a few locations where you may see murals, street art, and public art. The Sculpture Court City Centre Skatepark is the first thing you’ll see if you circle back around Mississauga City Hall.

Ten murals created by nine up-and-coming artists and one artist mentor are displayed on a sizable wall in Sculpture Court. These pieces are alluring, colorful, and exquisite. It is simple to combine a trip to the skatepark with a stop at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The public art is just outside the Mississauga City Hall building, which also houses the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

Another excellent location to observe public art is the Lakeview Village complex. A social venture called Artscape Atelier collaborates with builders to display public art on hoarding. These murals may depict the history of the area, foster a sense of community, or exhibit vibrant works of art that anybody can appreciate.

Over 1600 feet of construction hoarding, Artscape Atelier commissioned 19 works of art from 14 muralists, 2 visual artists, 1 painter, 1 sculptor, and 1 poet. These artists received $100,000 in pay as a result of this effort. Although the work on this construction hoarding is only temporary, Lakeview Village is dedicated to working with Artscape for a variety of projects, including its upcoming Discovery Centre.

Play Videogames in the recreation area


The Rec Room is the best spot in Mississauga to play video games! An evening at the Rec Room is usually a terrific option if you enjoy arcades, games, and entertaining activities to do with friends.

You can try your hand at bowling and axe throwing in addition to a sizable selection of arcade games and redemption games. Trying out every activity at the Rec Room is pretty easy. Tap whatever game you want to play by adding tokens to your wristband. Axe throwing, bowling, pool, air hockey, ping pong, and more sports are also available to test using the wristband.

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Explore The Art Gallery of Mississauga Art Gallery


In the city hall complex close to Square One, there is a tiny art gallery called The Art Gallery of Mississauga. Even though there are only a few rooms, admission is free. We were shocked that it had taken us this long to go because there were some amazing works of art there.

The gallery hosts both recurring and permanent shows. When we went, there was a really fascinating piece of sand art (which, sadly, is no longer there). Although the pattern was extremely colorful and lovely, sand art is only supposed to last a short time.

Every time you go to the gallery, there will be a new work of art to see. There are pieces by regional, national, and international artists, as well as works by indigenous and local artists. The next time you’re in Square One or Celebration Square, make sure to stop by the Civic Centre and check out the Mississauga Art Gallery.

See The Lighthouse at Port Credit


The most recognizable and frequently photographed structure in Port Credit is the lighthouse. But it’s not really a historic site. Sadly, the old one burned down after becoming isolated from the mainland during a flood in 1908 Thankfully, a replica of the first lighthouse was constructed in 1991 to serve as a reminder of Port Credit’s maritime legacy.

Visit Streetsville, Mississauga: A lot of fun things to do here!


If you enjoy the community feel of Port Credit, I believe you’ll adore Streetsville as well. It’s another very charming Mississauga neighborhood with stores, eateries, coffee shops, and bars. Visit the stores and grab a bite to eat by taking a stroll down the main street.

A complete list of establishments and activities may be found on the Village of Streetsville website. Every Saturday, a farmers market is held in Streetsville Village Square (during the summer months). I really adored the enormous, colorful painting that was painted on the ground in Streetsville Village Square.

Have a fun day in The Mississauga downtown


Downtown Mississauga, the Square One neighborhood, and Celebration Square had to be mentioned in any article regarding Mississauga. Since it is Mississauga’s downtown, there is constant activity there. I strongly suggest visiting Celebration Square if you’re in Mississauga with a significant other or as a family with children.

Celebration Square in Downtown Mississauga is a great place to check out neighborhood events, including concerts, movie screenings, yoga, and other free outdoor fitness classes and public art. In the Mi Casa, Your Casa artwork, a row of red frame houses with swings invites viewers to relive their childhood. Summertime fun for kids includes a large water feature that they can run through, and there are rows of food trucks for a meal or a sweet treat.

At Celebration Square, we also discovered the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Garden, the prettiest small garden. You can have a small picnic or take your lunch there in solitude. Additionally, it is most likely Mississauga’s tiniest park.

Many tourists come to Mississauga to visit Square One, but I highly recommend seeing much more! It is Mississauga’s biggest and busiest shopping center. Check out the brand-new Square One Food District for an enhanced eating experience with delectable fare and coffee, in my opinion.

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See Duck in Mississauga’s Kariya Park


There is a sizable pond in front of the Pavilion, and a bridge spans it. The pond is home to a wide variety of creatures, including turtles, ducks, fish, and Canadian geese. Although we were unable to spot any turtles, we did witness ducks and geese swimming and resting on the rocks.

You may see water trickling down the rocks into a tiny pond shaded by numerous big trees in the South Pond and Woodland section. You can keep going down the path into a wooded area that is shaded and wonderfully green with ferns and woodland plants. This is a wonderful location to take a little stroll, unwind, and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Hike at Riverwood Conservancy


Hiking at Riverwood Conservancy is one of the best fun things to do in Mississauga this weekend. There are numerous hiking routes at Riverwood Conservancy as well, including connections to further trails as well as trails inside the park itself (the Culham Trail). Visit the lovely gardens first at Riverwood Conservancy before exploring the paths. You’ll cross marsh boardwalks as you stroll amongst thick trees. Really, it’s rather lovely!

Visit Rhododendron Gardens at Brueckner

Rhododendron-Gardens at-Brueckner
Rhododendron-Gardens at-Brueckner

Just outside Port Credit’s western boundary, a little outside the main downtown area, lay the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens. That shouldn’t stop you from going, though. Despite the fact that it is calmer here, the view is just as lovely as anywhere else—if not more so, depending on the season!

There are hundreds of flowering plants here, including rhododendrons and azaleas, and admission is free. This is the ideal time of year to visit as the rhododendrons begin to blossom in June. It’s beautiful all year round, but if you can, go in early to mid-June.

One of Canada’s greatest public collections of rhododendrons can be found at the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens. Dr. Brueckner contributed 800 flowering plants from his own collection in addition to his treasured hybrid rhododendron collection. Many gardens across the world, including England’s Exbury Gardens, have unusual rhododendrons.

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